Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I've been up to...

I have seriously missed blogging lately. Ive been SOO busy that when I do get home I don't feel like doing anything. I have so much I want to blog about because I don't want to forget any of these things going on in my life right  now. So lets catch up... (and sorry for the picture vomit.)

  • For Fathers Day my sister and I went to the lake with my dad. The sun would come out and then hide behind some clouds. The water was pretty cool but after a bit you got used to it. We went tubing and it's always fun until you know that you're about to get thrown off and do flips on top of the water...then I start regretting my decision. Anyone else feel that way?

Re-thinking my decision

this is the life.

Mine and Jackson's relationship.

He's so sweet in his little life jacket.

  • I moved into my apartment. I love it. Its so cute and I'm starting to feel more comfortable being here. Im still unpacking boxes in the spare bedroom and getting everything settled. Pictures to come soon :] 

  • Work has been keeping me extra busy! By the end of this week, I will have worked 5 days out of 7. Once I'm off orientation and making my own schedule, full time is 3 days. Im ready for that. I go in at 6:30 am and get off around 7:30 pm. It makes for a long, tiring day. I am loving my job as a nurse so far!

  • My sweet friend Lydia is going on the World Race. Its a 11 month long mission trip and every month they are in a different country. This is her blog that she will be keeping up with while she is gone.  Im SOOO extremely proud of her and I can't wait to hear all her stories (and screams) when she gets back. I know she will be a blessing to everyone she encounters and vice versa. She leaves in a few days and it makes me sad but I know its not good bye. Its just a "see ya later." She came over last night and we ate tacos, made some yummy cookies, and watched a movie. Im going to miss this girl!!
Aren't we precious?

  •  The Direct TV guy is here right now setting me up some tv and DVR. Hallelujah! I like the quietness but its beginning to get a little too quiet. He also could've came between 12 and 4 but he called at 11:50 and was on his way! Im so glad I don't have to sit cooped up in my apartment all day now!

  • I went back home today to renew my registration on my car and pay a pretty penny for that. Geez. While I was in town, I went and seen my doggy. I miss him so much! He kept taking me to my "room" and waiting for me to sit down, stay there, or something. He was so sweet. I think I might go back on Saturday and spend some more time with him. 

Thats all I have for now. Work, pay bills, and work some more. :] I will do a post soon of my apartment decor. Pretty cute if you ask me. 

Have a good HOT day!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday already?

You know the drill. 5 highlights from the past week and that makes up High Five for Friday!


1) I finished basic dysrhythmia's class this week. Praise the Lord. We read heart strips and determine what rhythm the patient would be in and how we would treat them. Fun oh fun. By the 3rd day of class, Kayla and I were loony tunes.

2) My friend Sue got me addicted to Pretty Little Liars. I just finished the first season and we are about to start the second together. I love it!! I want to know who "A" is so bad. I have my suspicions. ;) Oh, my favorite actor is of course Mr. Fitz. How could I not like him?!

3) I went to my mom's treatment and it went great. We actually got done really early! 

4) Since we were done early, we went and ate lunch at McAlister's. I loved it. We had never been before and the food was really good. Their sweet tea with lemon is the bomb!

Bacon spud, broccoli cheddar soup, and 1/2 of a chicken club sandwich.

5) I had time to read a few more chapters in Kisses for Kate and catch up on some other good reading. I like reading if I have the time. Nerd.

I hope your week was as busy and fun as mine. Enjoy your Friday!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Friday. Enough said. I'm wore out. Beyond wore out. Here we go folks...

1) I'm still in hospital orientation. I know it seems like Ive been in orientation forever but its really only been 2 weeks. I never knew a hospital had so many policies and procedures until we have to review them all. Shew wee. Plus, we take test. Many test. Nursing school isn't over people!! Well really, you never stop learning as a nurse.

My CU ladies representing well :]

2) Ive got to wear scrubs all week. I guess that's a plus.

3) This week is sounding really boring so far. Ha ha. Thanks for continuing reading this post.

4) I got to babysit my favorite girls yesterday. They are so adorable and I laugh the whole time I'm there!

5) I met with my landlord yesterday and paid my deposit. We also talked about a move in date which is now earlier then before. I'm excited, scared, happy, nervous..AH! I don't even know. What I do know is that I will be happier being closer to work and church.

So here's to a boring, long, tiring, week.

I thought this was funny because its so me. 

Have a good weekend!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Prayers and Pinterest

   I've had a lot of "spare time" lately so that means more time to think...about anything and everything. Good or bad. My mind has been running crazy between job orientation, apartment decisions, friends, family, life, etc, etc. So, I get on Pinterest to sorta unwind and dream about things I can't have, things I need to make, laugh at funny quotes, and "pin" places that I want to go.

   I'm trying to get better at remembering that God is in control at all times. I forget at times and think that He can only do so much or be so much. I underestimate the God of the universe. I'm working on that. I know that I'm weak by myself and that I need the spirit of the Lord. I need His presence.

   So, a lot of my pins on Pinterest lately have been words of encouragement or things I need to remember.

Life is short


No limits

My prayer

Prayers for my future husband 

(Sorry the wording is small. Its a good prayer list though.)

Prayer is a powerful thing. I believe that prayer has the power to heal, restore, and renew. There isn't anything too big or too small to pray about. 

I hope you all have a great week and that its filled with many blessings...and prayers! :]

Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh Friday. I'm so happy you're here.

FRIDAY! Praise the Lord its Friday!

Top 5 things from the week...

1) I've had orientation all week at the hospital. Shew, sitting really makes you tired. I'm wore out every day when I leave. On the bright side, I get paid to sit. Probably the only time that will ever happen. Thankful!

2) On the 2nd day of orientation our teacher brought us Play-doh to play with while we listened to her. Genius I tell ya! So, I made a snail, roses, a snowman, etc.

My baby snail. 
3) I got at email earlier saying that my "nursing license was issued." Basically, its on the Kentucky Board of Nursing website now. I feel official now! It was official before when I found out I passed but now that I can see it with my own eyes, its beautiful!

4)I went and looked at my "probably apartment" tonight. Update on that soon... ;)

5) Tomorrow is Saturday so that means I get to sleep in! AHH! I've had to get up early every day this week. I'm ready for a break!

Happy Friday night!