Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall, Let's catch up shall we?

Ive been MIA for weeks... Whoops. Probably all that Hart of Dixie/Wade watching and work. :]

So, lets catch up..

Coming soon to Elizabethtown...SO EXCITED!


The house that Sue and I loved near Glendale. We thought it looked like a house from Pretty Little Liars.

Last minute outfits..

Newest addition to my room.

Target gets me every time.

Kayla's ENGAGED! Watch out!

Pencil skirt, bubble necklace, & mint belts. Lurve.

You're welcome for the picture overload. I will now continue to try and nurse myself back to health. Ive been sick with some ish for the past few days and Im hoping to get over it SOON!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My boyfriend is on tv.

I felt like this deserved its own post. judge me if necessary.

Its true. My boyfriend,Wade, is on TV. He stars in the show Hart of Dixie that I might or might not be obsessed with!

Whether its McSteamy or McDreamy, everyone has a TV boyfriend.

This show first aired last year and I LOVED it. Its based around a city girl (Rachel Bilson, known as Zoe) who moves to the backwoods of Alabama to pursue her career as a doctor. She is completely out of her element and seems to be the laugh of the town. Of course, like any show now days, its a big love triangle...and that's where Wade comes in  :]

But now he's captured my heart and he's formally known as My man, Wade. 

CAN NOT wait for the new season to start tonight at 8pm on CW.

This one time he posed with his shirt off.  I have got to get that boy under control.

Then, he posed with a flannel shirt.

Do you watch HOD? Who's your favorite?