Friday, March 30, 2012

High Five For Friday

I just linked up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk. I love her blog and check it everyday! She has great fashion, hair and cute cats. (I don't even like cats but I guess there is an exception to everything.) She does a post every Friday called High Five For Friday. It's basically a list of your 5 favorite things from the week. I decided to link up because I love reading it and who cant think of at least 5 good things from the week? Here's my top 5 for the week:

1) Received this baby in the mail! AHH. Its my nursing pin for our pinning ceremony..RN! I may be your nurse someday. Scary!

2) My pretty tattoo is finally healed and not itching anymore. I love it.(I also love that gorgeous polka dotted shirt you see!)

3) I bought some new songs off iTunes. These are my 5 favorite songs right now...on repeat.

4)I lurveee having more time to spend on Pinterest. So many pretty things...including that Tiffany and CO engagement and wedding ring in the top left corner. I know its still years off but I wouldn't mind those gems on my finger.

5) Last night I couldn't sleep so I started back up on watching Joyce Meyer. This lady can knock some sense into me!

I hope you've enjoyed my High Five for Friday post. I had fun looking back on this week. I'm so blessed!

Link up!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Room Reveal!

I have been talking about redoing my room for a while. When our house was built about 7ish years ago, I was going through an all orange phase. So, I chose bright orange for my room color. Ive since then out grown an all orange Hawaiian themed room. I'd been talking and talking about wanting to redo my room non stop. While I was gone to Haiti in December, my mom decided she would redo my room for me. How sweeeet! :] I am now going through an all grey phase. But, I think my liking of grey is here to stay. So here are some before and after pictures! {Picture overload ahead}





Mr. Piggy. (He was pink before)

Love my yellow, black, and grey.

My elephant from Haiti...and an ancient picture of Kayla and I. haha.

My furniture was repainted. Lurvee. The globe and bell are from Haiti as well!

Repainted the H and the hooks.

CANDY!  My favorite, miniature M&Ms.

                              My Pinterest inspired  DIY candy holders.

Comfiest chair evaaa.

So, there ya have it. I'm still in love with my room. When I eventually move out, the grey, black, and yellow are going too!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cray Cray!

I realized I haven't blogged since the beginning of about busy! This is just a catch up on life and my every day rambles. (like all my other post :])

My CRAZY 8 weeks is over...over. Let me repeat, over. I made it. I survived. I'm still alive. Can you believe it?!  It was all by the grace of God and long hours studying. Although, this semester wasn't nearly as bad as others had made it out to be.

So whats been happening in my life for 8 weeks? Lets see...

  • I spent too many miles on the road going back and forth to school and clinicals.

  • Spent Valentine's Day with sweet Lydia!

  • Went to see The Vow...Oh Channing Tatum ;]

  • Got a tattoo on my foot!

  • Went and hung out with my Chrysalis 49 buddies. Unashamed.

  • Class, test, clinicals, repeat.

So, its sad when i look back at my planner for the last 8 weeks and those few things above are the only things I did that we rent related to school...and 2 out of the 5 were related to school. Shew. I'm so glad that I now have more free time to make lunch dates and hang out with my friends. I have missed them being in my life! Sorry if I've been MIA for a while.  ;) I'M BACK!

My life seems really boring looking back at that. Its alright, I love this life that I'm living and honestly wouldn't have it any other way!

It makes me so excited to be looking at apartments and imagining what a "grown up life" will be like. I probably wont be moving out for a while (since I'm a brokkkee college student) but its still fun to dream.

I've been noticing lately how much God is shaping me and working in every aspect of my life. He is continuing to place the perfect people into my paths at just the right time. It is crazy actually.  I am growing every day and I thank Him so much for loving me even when I mess up...which is a daily thing. He has been teaching me that there will be struggles. Its a guarantee. Trust. I'm working on that.

Just another day at clinical's.

Skit Day!