Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall, Let's catch up shall we?

Ive been MIA for weeks... Whoops. Probably all that Hart of Dixie/Wade watching and work. :]

So, lets catch up..

Coming soon to Elizabethtown...SO EXCITED!


The house that Sue and I loved near Glendale. We thought it looked like a house from Pretty Little Liars.

Last minute outfits..

Newest addition to my room.

Target gets me every time.

Kayla's ENGAGED! Watch out!

Pencil skirt, bubble necklace, & mint belts. Lurve.

You're welcome for the picture overload. I will now continue to try and nurse myself back to health. Ive been sick with some ish for the past few days and Im hoping to get over it SOON!

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