Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the best mosquito protectant

I recently discovered Hannah and Kaylee on FaceBook about a month ago and I can't stop watching their videos. They are hilarious! These girls are best friends from Louisiana who love to take road trips and give "tips" while they are at it. I wish I could road trip with them! I laugh even more when they laugh at themselves (and say Dolla Gentral). My favorite video so far is below. I mean, how can you not laugh after watching that?! Proof that life is so much sweeter with best friends!

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

35 days

35 days until we leave for Haiti. This trip has came up so fast and I haven't really wrapped my head around the fact that I am going back for a 3rd time. This is also a time for first. This will be the first trip where I will be a nurse instead of a nursing student and also the first time I have been in the middle of the summer. My past two trips were in December and January and Haiti was crazy hot…I can't even imagine what it will be like in July. The "first" that I am most excited about is that my friend Susan is going with me!! Susan and I met on the first day of our orientation at HMH (I was terrified of her, lol) but we quickly became great friends and loved to work the crazy night shift together. I am so excited for her to experience many first of her own and to fall in love with Haiti as I have.

35 days and I am in no way ready. I still need to be funded financially and I still need supplies, food, the list could go on and on. I am so thankful for those that have thought of me and gave to support my trip in any way. It means SO much! I know that God cares about our smallest concerns though. If it concerns us, it concerns Him. So grateful for that :)

Haiti from the mountain top
Please remember to keep our team in your prayers!

Monday, June 9, 2014

New blog on the block…again!

Y'all, I'm so excited to be re-opening my blog with a new name, URL, and a fresh, new look! I wanted it to look clean, simple, and be easy to navigate and that is just what I got. My template was designed by Leanne over at Brand Me Beautiful and I can't thank her enough for her timely response in designing my page! I haven't blogged in almost 8 months mainly because I got too caught up in life and being "busy." It's time to enjoy the little moments and write about them along the way!

Hope you join along with me (again) as I talk about my everyday life, heart for missions, and journey as a 20 something year old nurse. You can now follow by email (yes, please!) as well as find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest by using those cute little sidebars on the right. 

Happy Monday!