Monday, April 22, 2013

A Night to Shine

     A Night to Shine is a prom for ladies and gentlemen with special needs. While I say "special needs", I realized they are just like you and me. They might be limited in some areas but they ultimately just want love and attention. Don't we all?

     From beginning to end the prom goers were given the star treatment. From a red carpet when they walked in, to hair and makeup, their own prom picture, games and a wonderful served meal. After the meal there was dancing, dancing, games, and more dancing. There was a special performance and then more dancing ensued. You could tell from their faces how happy they were and how most of them had never had an experience like this before. Each guest was given an escort who stayed with them the whole time and made sure their experience was unforgettable. Let me tell ya, everyone that helped out with this event was SPECTACULAR!

 I love my friends and family so much but there is something SO special about seeing them love and serve those that they never have loved or served before. The time and energy they invested into people they didn't even know and might never see again was so cool. So, so cool.  Just thinking about it makes me get a little teary eyed. I believe that all of us that helped with the night received the bigger blessing in the end. As it was said that night, everything is for the Lord and He receives all the glory for a wonderful night. Cant wait until next year!


Here are some of my favorite people looking spiffy for the night!

We are never ready for pictures and Ashley is always laughing. Cant wait to see the video she is putting together from the night!

More pictures to come once I get them from others :]

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