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Before I tell you about my trip, I'll tell you how I got up to that point first.

    I have always had a heart for missions but never had the opportunity at hand. Our Nursing School announced that they were going to Haiti for a medical mission trip; Not even a year after the earthquake and while the country was dealing with Cholera.
   I decided to sign up to go with only two days before a $200.00 down payment was supposed to be made. If I didn’t make the payment, then I wasn’t going. I remember freaking out because I didn’t have 200 bucks to spare. I decided that if God wanted me to go, then He would provide a way. Within hours of telling my family, a few close family friends, and my friends that I wanted to go to Haiti, I had $200.00. God had supplied the money. I remember riding home from Wal-Mart with my mom and sobbing because I was so taken back by the greatness of God, the generosity of people who love me, and the sole fact that I was going to Haiti. I am so blessed!
   So instantly the planning and preparation began. Shots, medicines, buying supplies, packing (under 50 pounds, shew.), and sending out letters for money and support. Once again, God supplied every penny and then some for my $ 1300.00 trip.
   (I am trying to spare you from every single detail of the leading up to the trip. I could write 10 posts on just that. So now moving on to my actual trip!)

  I went to Haiti with CU's Baptist Campus Ministries and our Nursing School. Our trip was January 4th-10th of 2011. This trip was my first mission trip, first plane ride, and first trip out of the country. So needless to say, I was very excited! We left Campbellsville around (if I remember correctly) and we headed to Nashville, TN for our flight out to Miami. Once in Miami, We had a long layover. After walking the airport many times, getting lunch, taking naps and playing games, it was finally time to board the plane for Haiti!

Nashville Airport

   I remember stepping off the plane in Haiti and thinking, "Am I really here?" Next it was time to get our luggage and let’s just say that was an experience to remember. We were in Port-a-prince at their tiny airport and it was hot and very congested with people. In our group of 40+, making sure everyone got their luggage plus all of our supplies was quite a chore.

Yes, This was just a fraction of our luggage.

   Now this would begin our journey in Haiti. While I can’t remember every detail at the moment, I did write it all down in a journal. A normal days schedule was something like this:
6:00 AM- Wake up (normally to the sound of roosters) and get ready for the day.
7:00 AM- Breakfast
8:00 AM- Pack up our buses with supplies, fill up our water bottles, and head out for the day.
*Next we would travel to our clinic site for that day. Some were fairly close and others were maybe an hour away.
Once we got to our clinic site, we would form an assembly line from the bus to a room and unload all of our suitcases that were full of supplies. We would then set everything up for the day and split up into our different stations. We all had been given a schedule and were split up into different stations depending on the day.
  Every person that walked into the clinic got prayed for first. We would ask if they had any prayer concerns and our translator would tell us what they had said. The ultimate goal for this was to lead people to Christ; a lot of Haitians accepted Jesus into their hearts. It was such a great feeling to share our faith and have them receive it so openly. After prayer they would go to triage which was taking their vitals and getting their name and age. Next they would go to the doctor and explain if they were hurting anywhere or if they just needed a check up. Depending on what the doctor ordered, they would either get a shot and medicines or just medicine. Every person left the clinic with a gift such as soap, flip flops, a t-shirt, etc. Our BCM also had Back yard bible club. They would love and play with the children as we were giving them medical attention. They did a GREAT job!
   That was our average day. Serving and loving on as many Haitians as possible! I can’t remember our actual total, but for the whole week we served thousands and thousands of people.  
We would pack up all our supplies and head back to our guest house.
We would normally eat dinner around 5 or a little before. I have to say, I was a little worried about eating Haitian food. To my surprise, it was all SO good. But, they did put peas and corn in everything...peas and corn in eggs, on top of your pizza, in your pasta...everything. And the chickens running around in the back yard during breakfast...that was supper.
-After supper, we all had the opportunity to go to different churches or just stay at the guest house and fellowship. Most of us always went to church. Haitian church is completely different then anything here in the states. It’s not something you want to miss out on. They worship God with everything that’s in them. They praise Him for all they have, even though it’s not much. I believe we all learned a few lessons from them.
-Every night back at the guest house, we had worship and devotion. This was also our time to reflect on the day and share our experiences with the group. This was one of my favorite times of the day.


It is somewhat difficult to put my whole trip into words. It is really one of those things that you have to experience yourself to feel the passion and excitement that I have towards Haiti itself and the Haitian people.
  One of my absolute, without a doubt, favorite parts of the trip was going to Faith, Hope and Love Infant Rescue. It is run by a sweet lady named Ms. Dorothy. She takes in all sorts of precious babies and children. Some are true orphans while others have parents. The children that have parents are normally at Ms. Dorothy’s due to malnourishment. She takes them in and gets them to a healthy weight and then they normally go back to their parents. Some parents might decide that they don’t want their kid(s) anymore and will just leave them. The kids are SO desperate for love. The moment they see you about 5 are clinging on to your legs. If you pick up one, be prepared to hold about 3 at one time. All the kids are so precious though. I did not want to leave. I remember the first 2 nights I was at home, I cried myself to sleep because I missed all those kids so badly. I just wanted one more more more video of Christian saying, "I love you." I can’t say enough to tell you how AWESOME all of these kids. They are so strong and sweet for what they have been through.

Mich- He is so strong and sweet...and only 14 years old!

One of the twins. How cute is she?!

Sweet girls

I could go on and on about all the devastation I seen or about the kids. I could tell you many stories from the clinic or from our devotional time. I could go on about the amazing churches there and there sole desire to serve God. But, if I did that, we would be here ALL night. I am going to post pictures and videos to go along with this post really soon.
As I look back on my trip, I am amazed at the opportunity I had before me. I still cant believe at times that I actually went to Haiti, a place so broken, and came back more whole then before.

A few months ago I received an email announcing our returning date for Haiti!!!! I immediately replied (after asking my mom and a few other people) and said to save me a spot on the team. The trip cost has gone up to $1500.00 this time. As of now, I have $0 but I know I serve a God way bigger than that. The money will arrive in just the right time! I couldn’t be more excited! The trip is scheduled for December 27th 2011- January 2nd 2012. We will bring in the New Year in a different country. How cool!?!

Until then, Please be in prayer for our team as we raise money and prepare mentally. Help Us Help Haiti!

-Be encouraged.

Nursing Students, Instructors, and RN's!

Our huge group!

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