Thursday, August 4, 2011

The planning begins...

It's that time again to start planning for my 2nd trip to Haiti! I received an email earlier today explaining some of our first details for the trip. I am already feeling overwhelmed but I know that God will take care of everything. The first line of business on the email was passports. I already have mine from my first trip to Haiti so that was one weight lifted off of my shoulders. Next came the money deadlines. :/ Our first deposit of $150.00 is due September 2nd. Yes, that’s less than 1 month away. While I want to freak out, I know that God provided the money last time and He will do the same again. Our team of 30, as of now, will begin having meetings soon to discuss required immunizations, airline tickets, deposit dates, supplies, etc. We work through a missionary team called MSI (Mission Support International) and our fearless leader through MSI is Mr. Ken Bolin. He really knows what he is doing and is a great leader. He led up our group last time and I can’t wait for another trip with him.

Our airline tickets cost between $750-$850. That money is due October 3rd. Yes, It seems so soon to me but I have to put my trust in God...if not, I will surely go crazy!!

So now, I am trying to think of a lot of fundraising ideas or just a few big money makers. If any of you all have any ideas, I’m ready and willing to listen! Help Us Help Haiti!

I hope you all have had a great summer so far. I know mine has been crazy and fast paced but still a good break none the less.  Be Encouraged!

At one of the clinics- They were enjoying some candy we brought :]

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