Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sixty Two!


  • I might be just a little excited about Haiti being so close yet so far away. I cant believe that I board a plane in roughly 2 months to go spread Gods love with the Haitian people. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a week of my Christmas break!

  • I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has gave me money for Haiti, came to a fundraiser, or lifted our group up in prayer! God is providing and even providing extra. He is good!

  • We now have our flight times which makes everything more real. eeeeek.

  • The 2nd 8 weeks of our semester started today. I can already tell I will love OB! On a happy note, I passed my Peds course. Graduation is so close (that terrifies me ) but makes me really happy.

  • Job. Jobs. Jobbbbbbbs. That's all I will say :]

  • I feel as though I am in a transition period in my life. I am learning things and have some things/people figured out but then again, I know nothing! Who am I kidding? :]

  • I am looking for a good devotional book where I can follow along in the bible with scripture but also one that's easy to understand...Any suggestions?
Ramble. That's all I do. Ramble.

Anyways, 62 days until I see this face again! This is baby Robin. He is the son of the pastor that owns the guest house that we stay at. He was only about 2 weeks old when we went to Haiti in January so he will be ONE by the time we get back there! I'm so excited to see him :]

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