Friday, December 23, 2011


There is SO much going through my mind right now that I don't believe I could even begin to write it all down. This is just a small look into my random brain...

  • Christmas break is going by way too fast!

  • I leave for Haiti in FOUR days...snikes!

  • I already have all my books for next semester...I'm avoiding even looking at them.

  • I just wrote down a "re-cap" of 2011. Wow..What a year! It was filled with a lot of joy, sadness, heartache, and triumph! The happy moments definitely outweighed the sad. :]

  • I have SO much to be thankful for and I'm so blessed by every single person that I've met this past year. I look back and can see just how much God loves me by the people he sends to be in my life.

  • I'm still not a big Christmas music fan. Some songs I can tolerate but Sorry to all of you that love Christmas music.

  • God is still providing me the trust and reassurance I need to get through every day. He knows what I need in every moment.

  • I'm excited for Christmas! But I have to work on Christmas Day :[ Not looking forward to that.

  • As of Christmas, I will go PRN (as needed) at my job due to school next semester. Thankful to have a job that works with me and my crazy schedule!

  • It will be weird not working for at least 8 weeks...I've never not had a job.

  • I'm ready to see my friends open their gifts :]

  • I'm sorry if you are still reading thoughts from my crazy mind. Haha. Thank you.

  • I have GOT to pack. I keep procrastinating. See...

(Yes, I already opened the Pringles..shhh)

  • Im ready to see my nursing buddies. I miss them already!

  • I just started my Christmas shopping 2 days ago...I'm still not done. whoops.

I'm done rambling for the moment...I will come up with some more jib-jab later I'm sure.

Melts my heart. 4 days!!!!
Be Encouraged :]

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