Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 5.

I almost forgot it was Friday and that I needed to do a High Five for Friday post...whoops.

Im a "bad blogger." I forget to blog 95% of the time...except for Fridays.

Top 5 from the week:

1)On Saturday my sweet, beautiful, amazing, awesome, friend Keely got MARRIED! Ah! She was gorgeous and it was a beautiful ceremony. Annnnd, the reception food was great. Win in my book.

Kayla and Joni
My Ki Ki. Gorgeous bride!

She's the greatest.

 2) After the wedding, I decided to go "home" instead of coming home. Basically, I went to my parents house. I got to see my doggy, Ben. (AKA fatty.) I made him get into the bed with me where he laid for 0.5 seconds. My mom snapped this picture.

3) I might be addicted to Baby Lips lip balm. The purple one was on sell at Target yesterday so I had to get it.

4) I went to hang out with my mom today so I was bummin' it. We were going to get flowers to put in my cute flower pots but everything at this time of the year is dead! Dead and brown. So, forget that. 

My new favorite shoes from target and my mom's old sweatshirt.

5) I was craving some fudge today so my sweet mother bought me some. I've almost ate it all. [[Stop Hannah. Stop.]]

I had already ate almost all of one piece before we even got out of the parking lot. bad.

There ya have it. The adult "grown up" life. Where getting lip balm on sell is a big deal and all your friends are getting married. (Ha!)

 Have a great weekend!

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