Thursday, September 6, 2012

September = Fall

Ive never really been much of a "Fall" type of gal. Summer is my season of choice. I love the hot weather, shorts, swimming, and the joy of strictly knowing that its Summer.

But, Ive recently had a realization...I think I might like Fall. In fact, I might actually be looking forward to it. Or maybe, I just like that now that I have my own place, I can decorate for all seasons. Yep, Im pretty sure thats it. It doesn't help that Pinterest is brain washing my poor soul either. Brain washing!

Ive recently taken upon myself some crafts/Pinterest brain washed projects. I have SO many ways that I want to decorate my place that by October, it might just looked like Halloween/Fall threw up in my apartment. I would be okay with that..

Any who, on to the projects.

  •    You all know how excited I was about a wreath that I could decorate for every Holiday so it was only fitting to make a fall one. I know its still 90 degrees outside but I had a free day last week and couldn't resist.  A few people had asked how I made this so the instructions are listed below. 

Hot glue/glue gun
Felt- Brown & Orange
Leaves- from Dollar Tree
Letters- I printed them from my computer
Ribbon- The ribbon is from Dollar Tree as well

1) I cut out triangles from the felt.
2) I printed the letters on computer paper and cut them out. I then hot glued them onto the felt. Simple!
3) The Leaves were all on a strand so I cut them off and hot glued them on to pieces of velcro that were already on the wreath. That way, I can just pull off the velcro and reuse the wreath!
4) I had fishing wire from a precious project so I actually taped the velcro triangles onto the fishing wire. Ghetto.. but it works. 
5) I took the rest of the fishing wire from the banners and wrapped it around the wreath a few times so it would stay. 

I hope that makes sense! It was a little time consuming but Im happy with the end result. If I would have had sticker letters, my time on this would have been cut in half!

  •   After a long hunt for these jars and almost attempting to make these myself, I found these at Kirkland's for 15 bucks! Score. As I mentioned earlier, not only am I Pinterest brain washed but so is my friend Sue. We both got these jars, the same candy, and the same ribbon. Our apartments have twin jars :] How cute! Im eating this candy at a rapid won't last long. 

Im pretty sure at the rate that Sue and I are "pinning", it won't be long before more crafts/holiday decor takes place!

Have a good day and Happy almost Fall ya'll!

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