Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tis the Season

To be jolly. fa la la la la la la la laaaa. You're welcome.

Life has been about the same the past few weeks. Work. School. Sleep. Sounds a lot like it did when I was in Nursing School a few months back. I honestly can't believe that its already been 7 months & 1 day to be exact since I graduated nursing school.  That sounds like a long time but it has honestly FLEW by!

Any who, Its almost Christmas. My tree is up, apple cinnamon cider candles are burning, and hot chocolate has been made. Lets not forget that Elf has been playing non-stop on my TV. So on to pictures to recap...

Throwback- Pinning Ceremony

Throwback- Graduation

Red & white chevron/ silver polka dots. Love my tree {& Kass}!

New wreath of course for the Christmas season.

Nursery on Sunday mornings...the sweetest boy, Joey. 

Ice cream sundays with my Sue girl!

Now off to write a paper. Cant wait for my "Christmas break" from school.  

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