Tuesday, January 1, 2013

That's a wrap, folks.

I'm sure you're all aware that it is 2013. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and ABC network all told me so. So, it must be true. I wanted to do my own recap of 2012 on my blog for me. I want to be able to look back months and years from now and see what I was doing or have done. Thats the reason I have this blog.

2012, you've been good to me. 2013, I know you will be better.


- Haiti trip #2!

- Baby Cwynn was born!

-The Lord begin to teach me what "Trust" really is.


-Finished up my 8 weeks of Precepting for school. 

- Got my first tattoo!


- Passed Med-Surg 2!


-Found out my mom was CANCER FREE!!

mom's first treatment-


-Graduated Campbellsville University!

-Receive my "pin" at my pinning ceremony.

-Passed my national boards (NCLEX)! Hannah W, R.N.
-Turned 21! Holla!

-Got to spend time with my best friend, Kayla!


-Started my job as a nurse at HMH on the 4th floor. (Med-Surg/Telemetry)

-Moved into my own apartment!

-My SueB got married! 


-Participated in my first 5k!

-My sweet Lydia left for the World Race. SO proud of her!


-Keely and Donovan got married and I was honored to be a part of their big day!


-Worked my first night by myself as a R.N.!

-Said "Yes" to Barbara's invitation to be in her wedding.


-Kayla got engaged!

-Started my Bachelors of Nursing.

-Taylor Swift's new album Red was released. All mine.


-Laikyn turned 3!

-Set up my first Christmas tree in my first apartment.

-Chrysalis 50/ single life talk.


-First Christmas Eve that I worked.

-Got lower arena T.Swift tickets for May 2013!

-Watched my Ke Ke graduate Nursing School!

-Became obsessed with Grumpy cat...

-Brought in the New Year with my sweet friends instead of at work. (Yay for being on call!)

God has been SO good to me but I know that 2013 is my year. Im ready for another year with great family, friends, and work! 

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