Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Almost March? Excuse me?!

Last time I wrote, it was January. Time flies when you're having fun...or busy. The past 2 months Ive had oodles of school work and papers, spent a lot of time at work, and a lot of time sleeping (thanks night shift!). Oh what I would do for a "normal" schedule!

We also had YAC 3 and Chrysalis 51; both were spectacular. I love, love, love my Chrysalis family!

YAC 3. My Manda panda!

Ashley loves us but the amount of Taylor Swift lovin' was a little too much for her.
[Chrysalis 51]

It had to be done...its true.  
Other then the listed above activities and duties, I just chill in my cute little apartment and clean it..non-stop. OCD much? And ice cream, I eat ice cream. The BEST ice cream.

I also get excited about new door mats...from Tarjayy of course!

I also got my hair cut and colored...again. I got a lot cut off in January and then of course I wanted more off. So now I have a cute little nub ponytail and I already want it shorter and it was just cut yesterday. Someone stop me!

And just a few of my favorite things here lately...this quote and bible verse. 

Ephesians 3:20-21- God can do WAY more then what we ever imagined or thought! How cool is that?!

Have a great rest of the week!

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