Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goin' to the chapel & we're gonna get married.

Well, Im not going to any chapel and getting married. But, a lot of my friends are engaged so that means that weddings are in the making!

Friend #1 engaged- Ashley- High School Bestie!

Ashley and I were great friends all throughout high school. I came back to LCHS when I was a Sophomore so I felt very out of place...and cried every day that I had to go to school. Seriously. Thankfully, God placed Ashley and I in a lot of the same classes that year and we became instant friends, again. We had sort of known each other when I was in 5th grade but we weren't good friends. She got engaged to Brandon, a guy she met when she moved a way for college. Now, she is back here and planning a wedding for April 13, 2013!

Fresh out of high school. 

Sadly, I have no updated pictures of Ashley and I. Throwback's from  high school!

Friend #2 engaged August 2012: Barbie Boo/Bell!

   I met Barbara when I worked at Baskin Robbins the summer after I graduated high school. Who would have ever thought that scooping ice cream, making soap sud beards, and hating one another at first would lead to a lasting friendship and a bridesmaids dress? I sure didn't! This girl is too much and always laughing about something. She is also my only friend that is allowed to call me Hannah Bell! haha.
   If you remember, I posted back in September about Barbara's invite to be a bridesmaid. Of course I said yes! Barbara's and Isaac's wedding is set for September 2013!

My FAV picture of Barbara & I- Back in those Baskin Robbins years :]
Duh, Yes! So cute!

Friend #3 engaged October 2012: Kayla R, AKA smarty pants.

   My friend Kayla is probably one of the smartest people I have ever met. She's the kind of gal that doesn't have to study and she makes perfect grades...Yeah, one of those people. We met in nursing school and roughed out the two long, never ending years together! So glad I had this girl along my side the whole time. Im also glad that we live in the same town and work at the same place...yet hardly ever see one another. 
   Kayla came to my house one day while I was getting ready for work to ask if I wanted to be a part of her wedding. With my hair in a towel and makeup half done, I said yes! Wedding is set for May 2014!

Besides our wedding, probably the last time we will ever wear all white!  
It only took this blonde forevaaa to undo that twine.
Kayla made this and did so good! Presh.
(This is also her pic that I stole)

Friend #4 engaged February 2013: Kayla F. My bestest bestie since 6th grade!

This girl...I simply can't type enough to explain our friendship and the love I have for her. We were instant friends from my 6th grade year when I walked in that private school wearing tennis shoes, a polo, and a skirt past my knees (no slit above the knee.) Then, she Illi-freakin-nois. (Cue tons of crying here) We still have remained super close despite the 8 hours in between us. She NEEDS to move back to KY. Anyways, I knew (my best friend instinct told me) when she text me and said "Call me ASAP" proceeded by a call that she was engaged...and I was right! The wedding is scheduled for later on this year!

Her surprise 16th birthday party!

Seriously, It is time to move back here gurlfran!

So, you do the math...4 friends engaged (as of now) that are planning weddings all over the next 2 years equals one happy (but BROKE) Hannah. Ive already started buying wedding gifts and getting sized for bridesmaids dresses. But, its all okay because I know without a doubt that these girls would all do the same thing for me! 

I can't believe this is my life...the adult life! Lets get married y'all! (Well you all, not me..I'll wait a few more years to recover my bank account from all these weddings :] )

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