Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catch-Up Overload

I have slacked on blogging about so many great things that have went on in my life the past few months. So, its time to catch up...and see a lot of pictures.

MAY: A few months back, my eyes were exposed to a beautiful sight and my ears were hearing extraordinary things...that's right, I went to my 2nd ever Taylor Swift concert. Let me tell ya, this girl can perform (& go through 10+ outfit changes) like a boss. It was fantastic. My lovely pal Amanda and I just kept staring at one another in disbelief that this day was finally before us and squealing, "This is awesome. This is so cool. Look at that outfit. Look at that prop.Ahh, this is so cool!" We were seriously like small children at Disney World. There is so much more I could say about her concert but I will refrain and stop at that. We (Amanda and I) know our obsession is pitiful...and we're okay with that.

My "mini-me"- Pre concert.


When we don't plan to match, we do. Amanda and I. 

Diet Coke models. 

Typical T.Swift fans. 

Post much fun!

JUNE: I had not been to the beach in at least 10 years before this summer. I was so ready to feel the sand between my toes and get crispy burnt from the raging sun. So, a last minute girls trip was planned and off we went to Panama City Beach, Florida. It was so much fun. We are already planning next years "Girl's Vacation."

Pageant faces!

Bestie loveee. 

We are obsessed with Target...and it followed us everywhere. 

Out for supper

All the ladies

Next trip for June was a visit to Illinois to see Kayla. We had so much fun. She stayed here in KY for 3 days and then we road-tripped back to Illinois to spend time up there. My last day there, we drove to Chicago and went site-seeing and stayed the night there so we would be closer to the airport for when I left the next morning. We had a blast and were completely wore out from our day in the windy city. For future reference, I will never try to take on that city in one day again! I am also SO SO thankful for a friend that isn't directionally challenged like myself. I'm not sure what I would have done without Kayla...or google maps.

I will be back in Illinois in December for Kayla and David's wedding...cant wait!

SkyZone before we left for IL.

the bean.


 Kayla's wedding shower in KY.

JULY:  My Barbie Bell gets married in September...So soon! For her bachelorette party, we went to Nashville and stayed the night. It was too much fun with these ladies. From people watching, to my boyfriend "Pedro", to games in the hotel, it was truly a weekend to remember. Saturday morning we went to a cooking class called "Summer Pies and Tarts" at Whole Foods. I thought it was going to be lame but I was so wrong. I had so much fun and left there so full from sugar I could've exploded! I definitely want to go back for more of their cooking classes.

Our sweet cooking class!


Lime green kitchen aid mixer!

This is "Pedro"...don't get me started. 

Bridezilla Barb!

August updates will be up soon! Big things happening this month :)

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