Sunday, September 1, 2013

The nameless car

As many of you know, I sold trusty little 2005 Toyota Corolla. I loved 'nelly' but it was time for a new/bigger car. The main reason behind selling my car was so I could pay off student loans. It all makes sense in my head. She was sold to the "Wisconsin Weirdos"as I named them. Sorry Nel!

With that said, I am in love with my new baby. I am now the proud owner of a (NAMELESS) 2013 Nissan Altima. I never knew how much I missed having a sunroof, volume controls on the steering wheel, and a car clicker (a.k.a the little remote that unlocks the car.) Yeah, I was still kicking it old school by using a key to unlock my corolla...isn't that just cray cray?! But I realize, I have become that car owner. The one that parks at the end of the parking lot, vacuums the floorboards way too much, and notices every little scratch. And oh, sorry for every one who had to put up with me while I made up my mind what I wanted/could afford. It was a rough few weeks...but we survived! :)

Signing my life away...actually just all my extra Target trips.

fresh off the lot

Yes, this is a playlist in my car...TSwizzle was almost this cars name. 

Happy September!

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