Monday, July 21, 2014

The Kayla Wedding's

Kayla S.

Back in December (on the coldest day in history I believe) my best friend since 5th grade got married! Yes, I am just now getting around to sharing this glorious occasion. Illinois people are used to the brutally freezing cold and therefore it is acceptable to get married in this weather. This Kentucky girl thought she was going to die (not being dramatic at all). It ended up snowing on Kayla and David's wedding day and it turned out to be gorgeous and made for wonderful pictures. Plus, there was a hot chocolate bar! I loved that I was able to share this day with Kayla no matter the distance between us. Now, Kayla is in Nursing School and I couldn't be any more proud of her. I hope when she graduates that there are only job openings in Kentucky ;)

Guess who caught the bouquet? ;)

Bridal Party-
(Zoom in and you can see these better :])

Boots and leggings for pictures outside

Kayla B.

In May, on a warm and sunny day, my talented friend Kayla got married. Nursing school is were we became friends and Im so glad our friendship extended past our pinning ceremony. This girl thought about every detail of her wedding and it was perfect! When I get married, I'm hiring her as my wedding planner. Seriously. Kayla is about to start school (again) to become a Nurse Anesthetist. If I ever need surgery, I would trust this girl to intubate me…friendship at its finest (haha).

There ya go! Two weddings and two Kayla's! 

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