Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rosemary Beach Friendcation

 The first week of March we had 2 feet of snow on the ground here in KY. So, the only logical thing to do was to go to Florida with some friends! Actually, Kayla and I had planned this trip around January. Ever since Kayla moved to Illinois, we see each other about once a year. (SAD!) We have always talked about planning a vacation that wasn't in Illinois or Kentucky so when Kayla text me saying we needed to plan something during her spring break, I was all in! I remembered reading last year about Rosemary Beach on a blog that I follow and I thought it was the cutest town. I starting looking on VRBO and Homeaway for places to stay. I found the cutest "beach bungalow" on and quickly emailed the owner. Kim was super fast to respond and answered all my questions within minutes of emailing her. She was very helpful throughout the whole process of purchasing the vacation online. Oh yeah, our beach bungalow was $70.00 a night. SUPER CHEAP! Kayla's sister Kelsey joined in on the trip and she invited her friend Emily and we were ready to roll. It was so much more fun to make it a girls trip!

*Here is a link to the place where we stayed. I also recommend the Home Away app. It is very user friendly and stored important information such as our door code to our room, Kim's Cell #, and the closest gas stations, hospitals, restaurants, etc.*

I can't say enough about Rosemary Beach and just how perfect of a town it is. Its about 10 minutes from Panama off of highway 30-A. People, they have quiet hours from 10 pm to basically my dream town! They have strands of lights illuminating their town and the cutest little shops. The beach was never crowded and most days we were the only people using the 12,000 sq ft pool! The roads were paved with cobblestone and the cutest little houses lined the roads. You could rent a bike if you wanted and never even move your car. Everyone was super friendly that we met; probably because those people love rosemary as much as we did! 

I have had a few people ask me what there was to do in Rosemary. All we wanted to do was to eat good food, lay out on the beach or by the pool and do nothing. And that's exactly what we did. We talked, laughed, ate, ate, ate, got SUPER sunburned (well me and Kayla), and enjoyed just resting! As I mentioned, Panama is really close so if you are looking for more attractions or activities, you could drive right down the road. We had talked about going snorkeling in Panama one day but the ocean was so, so cold. The forecast was looking like mid 60's and rainy a good portion of the time we were there. It end up being 70's and 80's and never rained. Perfect weather!

So, onto the pictures! 

This is a meatball sub at Bruno's Pizza. SO good!
Bruno's Pizza

Gangs all here ;)
Does it get any cuter?! Two of the nights we were there was a bonfire and live music on this lawn. 
The BEST doughnuts from Charlie's Doughnut truck. 
When you get up to watch a sunrise that you can't even see, doughnuts are a must. 
Dinner at Margaritaville in Panama.

The iPhone pic doesn't do this Mexican food justice. We ate at La Cocina our first and last night!
Listening to Chris Alvarado. 

Next time, I think I can go the whole trip without hearing uptown funk (Kelsey and Emily) and more Taylor Swift. Even though I believe we listened to every TSwift song on the way there and back. I'm not complaining. Our trip was also filled with chick-fil-a at every stop, sketchy gas stations, not knowing the difference between I-65 N and S (my bad), and driving to Wal-Mart at 11:30 pm to find apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. Pinterest said those two things would help a sunburn and y'all, we were desperate. This trip was so much fun and we are already thinking of a time next year that we can return to Rosemary Beach!

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