Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer is coming to a close...

Its that time again. The time when school is about to start, sleeping in will be no more, and I basically will have no life. Strangely, I'm looking forward to it. This semester is supposed to be our "easiest" semester...if there is such a thing in Nursing School.

On another note, I am still preparing for Haiti. I turn in my first payment next week and then bigger payments will follow. As I look back at pictures, I get so excited to go back. It's been a little over 7 months since I returned from Haiti and it feels like sooo much longer. I know that God has something huge in store for myself and for our group in Haiti. I cant wait to see what all it is.The Haiti countdown will begin soon...very soon. :]

Ive had mixed feelings about this summer. I was so busy and always on the go so I didnt really get to enjoy my break, Although, the down time that I did have was fantastic. One of my favorite moments of the summer was when I got to spend a week with my best friend in Illinois and watch her graduate. I was a very proud best friend!

  • Summer really started when I passed 2nd Semester (Med-Surg)! It was a tough semester but Im so glad Im done with it and moved on!

This was before our huge comprehensive final.eeek.

  • My birthday was in May and these two awesome girls threw me my own little surprise party. It was complete with a yummy cake, gifts, and a scavenger hunt to find them. They are the bomb!

My girls
  • YAC! My sweet, precious, awesome friends attended YAC and Im pretty sure they loved it. God has truly blessed me with these two!

"Our God's Not Dead"
  • As I said earlier, I loved getting to go to IL and see Kayla. God has blessed me so much through her and we will always be close even if we do live 8 hours away...which I hate. She is the definition of a true friend. I love her sooo much! (Now I just have to convince her to move back to KY! )



Graduation day!

  • For the past 2 years, our BR (Baskin Robbins) girls group has went to Kings Island. Its always so much fun to spend the day with these girls. We still call it our "Annual BR Kings Island trip" even though only Tori still works there. Anna Marie, our mommy, moved to Washington, DC. Im still sad and miss her very much! :[ Dez went back to Berea College and I switched jobs. Tor Tor is still going strong at good ol BR.

Each year we have taken a cake..I'm not really sure why but it gets better every year!

Courtney and I were SO SO SO excited about seeing Taylor Swift this summer. We ordered our tickets back in March and the concert was scheduled for July 2nd. We get to Louisville, eat, and then come to find out that the concert is cancelled! T.Swift had laryngitis and cancelled all her shows for that week. We were super bummed but will be going to see her October 7th!

  • This summer I had to take a summer class which happened to be Medical Microbiology. It was interesting to say the least. It was all June and July but it went by really fast! Here is our big CU group.

  • Girls day! I was waiting for this weekend all summer! I love our little group. We have too much fun and dont act normal...ever. I dont know how I would get through school with out them, honestly.                                                    


Frozen Yogurt- Our favorite!

  • Last but not least, orientation. Yes, Nursing Orientation is the last bit of summer that I had left. It was a long but great day. I am ready to start 3rd semester (OB and Peds)!
That is basically my summer in a nutshell. Im sad to see summer leave because I love the break from school, the sun, and super hot weather. I know this semester has a lot in store for me so I am ready to get it started! God is going to do BIG things, Im sure of it.
Be Encouraged!

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