Saturday, July 7, 2012

Apartment Life {Part 1}- Weekends, Weddings, and a Kitchen Tour

Howdy folks!

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I'm off from work so mine is going great! I wish I was getting better at being more consistent with blogging but once I'm home from work, I'm exhausted!

Today I have a little kitchen tour for you. I'm truly loving my apartment. I received my first few bills this week...those aren't so fun. On the topic of money, taxes ruin everything! My check is beautiful until I see it after dang. much. (Rant over)

As far as life goes, nothing is really new with me. I work, eat, sleep, repeat. I try to keep up with my friends and Ive had a few little get- together's at my place. So much fun! I love having good friends to keep me company.

I'm  off tomorrow so I will get to go to church! I'm so excited! I feel like I haven't been in ages since I was gone on fathers day, the next week I worked, and the week after that I was in the infant nursery. So actually being "upstairs" gets me pretty pumped.

My sweet friend Sue got married last weekend and it was the most precious wedding. Yes, precious explains it.  Here are a few pics!

WARNING: Picture overload!

some of my ladiesss

Manda Panda

The beautiful bride and myself dancing!

Now, a small little kitchen tour. It only took me months to decide on colors. Just ask my friends that I harassed for those months on their opinion. I finally decided on turquoise and red. Lurvve.

One of my best most talented friends painted me this. If you understand it, you're welcome. Kayla is so friggin' talented its sickening! She is painting me some more canvas's for my living room!

Just a big ol jar of cupcake holders :]

Need some Suga?

Dishwasher= best thing ever. (sucky picture, but you get a little more of a idea of the set up.)

My sweet little kitchen table. (Pay no attention to the curtain on the table that had to be returned)

My schedule/ menu board. LOVE IT!
My kitchen is so roomy and just perfect to me. I have tons of storage space and also a pantry! The pantry is probably one of the best parts of the kitchen! Hope you like my sweet little kitchen as much as I do.

L had her first sleepover ever with me the other night. We played, went to target, ate some yummy food, and watched enough Dora for a lifetime. (Backpack backpack!) She was SO good and so sweet. We played on the computer camera for a bit.

Happy 4th of July!

Have a great weekend and soak up some sun for me!

PS. This was breakfast. Ice cream, brownies, and sprinkles. Apartment life.

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