Friday, July 20, 2012

Great week: High Five for Friday

Its Friday again. July is seriously flying by...its almost August. NOOO!

I'm pretty proud of myself that Ive been so productive this week and even this morning. I woke up early, cooked Barb (my Baskin Robbins buddy!) some breakfast, cleaned the apartment, folded some laundry, made a hair appointment, and I still have 100 errands to run today. Days off= busy bee.

Top 5 from the week...easy peasy.

1) I went to Sonic happy hour one day this week. It makes me one happy girl. The pineapple tropical breeze is divine! I also had some gooooood popcorn. Good day that was.

2) Pinterest lurveee.

My feelings exactly. 

3) My precious frans came over last night and we attempted to watch this terrible movie Danny picked from red box, ate pizza, made cookies, and most important...storm watched!

4) Barbara came and stayed the night with me and also met the loony tunes seen above. We also got caught up on Teen Mom! That's a must. Love you Barbie Bell!

5) COOKIE TIME! My favorite.

I hope your weekend is filled with great friends, twitter, and cookies!

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