Friday, April 27, 2012


It's Friday! PRAISE THE LORD! This week has felt extremely long and tiring. I'm glad its the weekend!

Since its Friday, that means its time for High Five for Friday!

1) Our Nursing class is done with KAPLAN test review. [Can I get an amen?]

Those are my mommies, Tiff and Laura. Love them!

2) I bought Baby Lips by Maybelline lip balm today. It looks really pink in the tube but its the perfect shade of pink once you put it on! I think I'm gonna lurvee it! The tube is also cute as you can see. ;)

3) I'm getting my hair highlighted tonight...that's good right? I really, really want to go light brown but I'm scared of how it will look. My hair is turning brown anyways so I might as well just dye it...maybe?

4) I plan on getting caught up on all my DVR shows this weekend. I'm deprived on t.v. time due to studying! I've been missing my Hart of Dixie!

My love is hottie Wade. He's right beside Rachel Bilson (Zoe) on the left.

5) I believe I'm going to Louisville tomorrow to see Joyce Meyer! That lady can preach!
Happy FRIDAY! :)

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