Friday, April 6, 2012

high five for friday, friday, friday.

Now that you are singing Rebecca Black's Friday, my job here is done. Even though that song was terrible, its so catchy that you cant help but sing.

My top five favorite things from this week are:

1) FRO YO! If you've been around me for anytime, you know that food is the way to my heart. Pitiful. Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is one of my all time favorite yogurt places with Sweet CeCe's pulling a close second. I was always that person that said, "I don't like frozen yogurt." I tried it...I'm in love.

Ohhh, so good. And it has a white chocolate drizzle. lurrve.

2) Cajun Chicken Pasta = Success! Go here for the recipe! (Like I said above, food is the way to my heart.)

3) Hanging out with this little angel...Oh, how I love her.

We both have scrunchy noses  ;)

4) Tonight (& Saturday night) I have my Preceptorship and I'm getting so close to the end...Only 3 days left after this weekend! Homeee stretchhhh.


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[[Nursing School in a nut shell]]

5) Rest. I've had much needed rest this week. Ive had time to:

- sit on my couch and watch tv (ellen degeneres and abc family!)
- go outside and enjoy the sun
- sleep in until 11 am :]
- tan
- get my hair cut
- do school related 'stuff'
- delete the boohookuls of emails in my school and personal account (I like to make up words..boohookuls = a lot, enormous, etc)
- have somewhat of a social life via text messages..hey, I'll take what I can get these days.
- spend time in the word and in my devotionals
- cook
- clean out my closet ( I know it doesn't sound like rest but being the organized/OCD freak that I am, I didn't mind it)

 I've had an overall good week and I look forward to see what God has in mind for me in the upcoming week!

I would love to hear your 5 favorite things from the week. Follow me and leave a comment!

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