Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coffee Mug Swap

Suzels Says

While reading some of the blogs that I follow, I ran across Suzels Says blog. It is such a cute little blog and she is having a Coffee Mug Swap.Basically, you send her your email, name, mailing address and blog URL and she hooks you up with another blogger to exchange a coffee mug with.Its like pen pals except with blogs and coffee mugs! After she receives my email, she will send me a fellow bloggers URL and I will explore their blog to see what they like and sorta get a feel of their personality. After that, I receive a mug from them and they receive a mug from me. How cool?! I cant wait to see who my "coffee swapper" will be. :]

Pinned ImageCute mugs I found via pinterest...

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Pinned ImagePinned Image
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Happy Sunday!

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