Friday, April 20, 2012

high five for friday

Its Friday, finally! This has been quite the week. It hasn't been exciting, fun, or one I really want to remember. None-the-less, it is Friday so I'm sure I can find 5 (good or bad) things about this week.

1) Only two weeks left of schooollll. AHH! The real world is closer then I think..hopefully. Nursing school has been a ride to say the least but that is a post in its self. Prayers are DEFINITELY needed as I finish up these last few weeks. Please continue to lift up my nursing buddies and I as we continue on!

2) This week has honestly been ALL about putting my trust in God and learning to be content in every area of my life...including the ones I don't like. I often like to "trust" God with my life when things are going my way. (Hint: That's not how it goes.) He has been teaching me to take each day one at a time. I often get SO caught up in the coming days that I forget that I'm not even promised tomorrow. Chill, Hannah.

Note to self: Remember this.

3) On a bright note, I went and looked at apartments this week. WHOO. I found a really nice apartment/townhouse that is in the perfect spot. Now, all I need is money. Story of my life, huh? The people who live in it now are moving out in the beginning of May. So it could be mine in May, June,aww who knows?! Either way, its too good of a deal to pass up.(P.S. Want to know what I'm most excited about when I get an apartment? Hanging a wreath on the front door.. Nerd alert)
cuteCute wreaths for fall


4) Ive studied all week. Seriously, my brain is fried. The end.

5) I found this gem on Pinterest sometime ago. swoon. lurve.

CUSTOM for LAUREN R - Boho Leather Messenger Bag with Crochet Doily and Antique Key - Medium Size - One Of A Kind

HAPPY FRIDAY! I know I'm glad it's here. Now off to do an online New Testament post and test, then off to my sweet friend SueB's house! :]


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