Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coffee Mug Swap...the results!

If you remember a few weeks ago I announced I was participating in a Coffee Mug Swap over at Susans blog, Suzel Says.  I've emailed Susan back and forth about the swap and she has been so sweet and helpful.

I was paired up with Robyn from Glam Girls Running. Her blog is mostly about running and she tries to motivate others. I admire her hard work and many miles every day. I can't seem to get off my couch yet. This week...promise! If she only lived near me and could make me run then that would be fantastic. Anyways, It took me forever to find a mug I liked and then a few days to send it. I was a slacker. (In all fairness it was during finals week...busiest time of my life.)

So, This is what I sent Robyn... I wanted to keep it for myself!

*Sorry for the picture quality. I snapped this late at night.

Polka dots. I couldn't find a "traditional" mug that I liked. Lurve this one!

A few days later I received a box with this cute box in it...

Those cuties were inside. I for real LOVE them. She sent two and said I could use them for when I got my new place. So thoughtful!


I love the polka dots on the inside. (Swoon)

There you have it people. I love having blog buddies! I hope you like my mugs as much as I do!

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