Monday, May 7, 2012

It's definitely a Monday...

Random thoughts for today...

  • Do you ever have one of those days that starts out bad, gets better, then goes bad again? That's today for me. AH..

  • I started the day filling out paperwork for my new job. I also had to have a drug screening done and a physical while at the hospital. Let me tell you, its hard to pee on demand for a drug test. Glad that's over. It still doesn't feel right or normal that I have a "real person job." I've grown up folks. This is real new "real life."

  • I ran around town afterwards and got lunch with this girl. She had coupons...success!

  • I went to Target today as well. I'm pretty sure I could go there 7 days a week and just walk around. (Addicted.)

  • I scheduled my boards for nursing today. AH!! Nervous. (PS- Don't even ask when I'm taking them because I'm not telling anyone. Haha. I'm stubborn.) 

  • Tomorrow will be my first day I have to do nothing! I need to start reviewing for boards but I also need at least a day to rest. 

  • I bought some yoga pants for only $7.50 while Kayla was here. Deal! She convinced me after seeing hers. They are for real the comfiest pants ever. They should be illegal to wear in public since they are that comfy. (I've wore them today so I guess it hasn't been too bad of a day.)

  • I wish we had an Olive Garden and an Orange Leaf closer to my house. That would've made my Monday a lot better! 

  • My birthday is next week. Hello 21!

I hope your Monday has taken off better than mine. Here's to a better tomorrow!

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