Thursday, May 10, 2012


My devotion this morning basically slapped me in the face so I decided I would share it. Its from the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. (PS. I was in LifeWay the other day and they were on sale for 12 bucks! Go get one!)

May 10

   Do not resist or run from the difficulties in your life. These problems are not random mistakes; they are hand-tailored blessings designed for your benefit and growth. Embrace all the circumstances that I allow in your life, trusting Me to bring good out of them. View problems as opportunities to rely more fully on me.
  When you start to fell stressed, let those feelings alert you to your need for Me. Thus, your needs become doorways to deep dependence on Me and increasing intimacy between us. Although self- sufficiency is acclaimed in the world, reliance on Me produces abundant living in My kingdom. Thank Me for the difficulties in your life, since they provide protection from the idolatry of self-reliance.

*I basically underlined every word while I was reading it.  I needed this today.

Verses- John 15:5
            2 Corinthians 1:8-9
            Ephesians 5:20

Hope you enjoy!

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