Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hannah White, R.N.

That name looks beautiful. I feel that this needed a post of its own since I will want to look back at this one day and see how far Ive come. I start work next week and I'm excited and nervous!

Starting off, let me tell you a bit about my NCLEX...the dreaded state boards. I decided to take mine in Indiana because that date worked out best for me. My mom, my sister, and obviously myself, all went to Indiana on Wednesday night. My test was Thursday at 8:00 am. The farther we got into IN, the more ghetto it got. Seriously, we were a little scurrrred. As we got closer to our hotel and the "testing site," things were becoming a little less creepy and we were actually by a mall! It was a really nice area of IN and it had a ton of restaurants and a lot of places to favorite.

I couldn't sleep the night before. I'm sure it was a mix of nerves and a hard hotel bed. Either way, I made it to the testing site on time, took my test, and was pretty confident in my test! I left there being able to shop the rest of the day before heading back home!

Taking the NCLEX is like dealing with the FBI. No chap stick allowed (AHH!), they check your pockets, do a vein scan, thumb print, signature, and picture. The ladies who worked there were super sweet though and made everyone less nervous I believe.

So, I'm officially Hannah White, R.N. It doesn't feel real. AT ALL! I still feel like I'm in nursing school. I feel like being a nurse was always a dream and I felt like it would never become a reality. Now that it is, its weird!

Here are a few pictures from the way there...boredom at its finest.

Yes, mirror pics. Like I said, bored!

We were scared of moms driving and the ghetto-ness.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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