Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Friday folks!

I don't think that much could beat last weeks H54F post but its still been a good week.

You know how it works. I write down my 5 favorite (or not so favorite) things from this week and you read so you can see how lame my life is. (Ha!)

1) I graduated on Saturday. Woot. No more school...until I do my Bachelor's. (That's another post, ughh, school.)

2) My bestest friend went back to IL. Sad girl. I love the time we get to spend together!

3) I'm grateful to have time to study for my state boards...the dreaded NCLEX. It just means one step closer to having R.N. behind my name. :] By the way, Happy Nurses Week to all my nurse friends or soon to be nurses! I appreciate all you do!

Pinterest never lets me down.

4) I'm loving having so much "free time" to clean, cook, do my devotions, read, write, etc. I feel so much better starting my day off the right way!

5) I was able to catch up on my favorite show, Hart of Dixie!  I had about 5 episodes on my DVR that were calling my name. Now that I'm caught up, the season finale is next week. boooo.

Aren't they all just precious!? 

This is Wade. He's pretty easy on the eyes. (Via Pinterest)

I hope you all have had a great week!

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