Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Friday!

Its Friday which means its time for High Five for Friday! This week has been fantastic!!

So my top 5 things should be no big deal...

1) I passed my exit HESI! That's a big deal. If I hadn't have passed that, I wouldn't have made it out of Nursing School. But, God showed me favor and I passed.

2) My best friend in the world, Kayla, got to come down for pinning and graduation. She's even staying for a few days after graduation! EXCITED!

She's the best (and pretty too!)

  3) My pinning ceremony was last night and it was beautiful. I cried the majority of the time. Some were happy tears while other's were sad. I've had a love/hate relationship with nursing school but now i feel lost without it!

*More pictures to come. All pictures were taken by the wonderful Ashley Abell over at Abell Media. I couldn't have done it without my own "personal professional photographer." (That's what everyone referred to her as all night.)

4) I am sooooo glad all my awesome/fantastic friends and family came out to support me. They have all been my cheerleaders from the first day and are still cheering me on. It was an awesome feeling to look out from the stage and see a plethora of people there for me! I feel so loved as I think about yesterday and honestly, i have the best support system!

One of my favorite girls!

The fam bam.

Seriously, couldn't have made it through without this girl.

5) Tomorrow is graduation! Get excited!

Thanks once again for everyone who came out and supported me last night and thanks to those that supported and loved me the past 2 years. I can't say thank you enough! Have a great weekend!

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