Thursday, May 3, 2012

When I thought yesterday couldn't get any better...IT DID!

As you all know, yesterday was fantastic for me. Passing Nursing School and accepting my first job offer was overwhelming to say the least. But why did my day get better? Let me introduce you to my best friend...

This is Kayla.

We have been best friends since I was in 6th grade and Kayla was in 4th. (We were basically babies.) After years of spending all day at school together, all night after school together, and every weekend, I got the call. LONG story short, Kayla called to say her and her family were moving. I can remember the moment honestly like it was 2 hours ago. I was getting ready for school and literally dry-heaving/dramatic/traumatized crying because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I convinced mom to let me miss school that day and I went and spent the whole day with Kayla. Perfect.

Where did she move you ask? I was thinking they were moving about 2 hours away or so. That's workable. I can do that. EHH! NO! 8 friggin' hours away to Rockford, Illinois. I had never even heard of this place. 8 hours one way... a 16 hour trip. We planned (or tried) to find times we could visit but the visits were at least years apart or on big occasions.

I was thinking the other day about how God has blessed our relationship and allowed us to stay in touch all this time. We call each other when we can and text all the time. The distant honestly hasn't pulled us apart and made us forget about each other like i always feared. I love this girl and God knew I needed her!! She's been the one Ive whined and complained about throughout nursing school, through every heartache with stinky boys, and through every high moment in my life. She rocks.

So months and months back I told Kayla to clear her schedule for today (my pinning!) and for Saturday my graduation. She said she probably could and all was well. Last week she text me and said she couldn't come...devastated! I was honestly tearing up in class. So I was upset because I really wanted her here. I only get pinned once ya know!? So yesterday after all this greatness she text me and said,

Kayla: Would it be impossible for me to come for your pinning and grad still?
Me: It wouldn't be impossible at all!! I'm for real in tears! Come come comeeee!

Beautiful right?

So after she had the clear from both parents I got this text last night at 9:56 pm...

Kayla: I'm coming!!!!!!!!

For real people, I'm SO SO SO excited! She text me this morning to say that her and her sister were on their way! GET EXCITED PEOPLE!

So, That's why yesterday was officially the best day ever, part 2. 

This is the oldest picture I could find on FB of us. All others are on my old computer. 2007 baby! (This might have been the first time I visited Kayla in IL!)

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