Saturday, May 19, 2012

(Late) High Five for Friday!

I know its Saturday but I didn't have time yesterday to post my H54F! So, top 5 from the week...

1) My birthday was the week. Hooray!


2) I continued making my "study guide" to prepare for boards. I'm at 21 pages and counting. Its. Taking. Forever!

3) I went to Buca di Beppo with my girlie's for my birthday celebration. I had never been before and I loved it. The portions are HUGE though so we all got different thing and shared. :]

The picture doesn't do the food justice...or show how big this bowl really was!

4) Going along with #3, I love my friends. I know I've said it before but they are awesome!

Amanda and Kayla

Buca gave me this huge card and all my friends signed it.

Lovely ladies

5) After getting our bellies FULL at Buca, We decided we needed some Orange Leaf as well. This stuff is the bomb and I don't think any of my friends had been before. Sin. Its frozen yogurt goodness with a variety of toppings to choose. AH!

I promise, there was fro-yo under there. You just can't see it for all the fruity pebbles and cheese cake bites.

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